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Under the ownership and direction of Bill Lowe, Bill Lowe Gallery represents artists who share powerful and eloquent visions supported by a highly advanced mastery of their media. The Lowe's stable is noted for the visceral emotional quality and the sheer physicality of its work. These qualities lend a highly theatrical flavor to the gallery's offering.

Imagistically, the gallery's scope ranges from complex, narratively-driven, figurative works to those which skew to the extremes of meditative minimalism. Thematically, the gallery's aesthetic is characterized by a metaphysical yearning articulated by process and imagery which is strongly psycho-spiritual and psycho-sexual in nature.

Bill Lowe Gallery maintains an accelerated exhibition schedule which features three one-person shows per month. Typically, the gallery will juxtapose an internationally renowned artist in its grand salon with a mid-career and emerging artist in adjoining galleries. Each show features strong elements of sculpture, painting and drawing.

Bill Lowe Gallery has gained an international reputation for its curatorial skills. Committed to a standard of excellence amplified by great visual drama, the gallery's ability to mount exhibitions which resonate powerfully with critics and viewers alike has become legend.

In August 2008, Bill Lowe moved his legendary art gallery to a new, 13,000 square foot, two story space at Two Peachtree Pointe in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The multi- level Bill Lowe Gallery features architecturally provocative design elements including 18-foot high loft style cement ceilings, interior catwalks, mezzanines and bridges.

What Sets Bill Lowe Gallery apart?

We represent a stable of artists which can be described as classically inspired and romantic, while at the same time unquestionably contemporary. The work is highly expressionistic and explores themes that are universal and eternal. Our collectors value Bill Lowe's particular brand of aestheticism and take comfort that it is not influenced by the "flavor of the day." Among the world-class artists represented by Bill Lowe are Markus Lupertz, Dale Chihuly, Margarita Checa, William Morris, Hiro Yamagata, Michael David and Jung Kwang Sik.

The gallery's exhibition schedule features both thematically organized shows and solo artist exhibitions. Typically, the gallery will juxtapose an internationally renowned artist in its grand salon with a mid-career and emerging artist in adjoining galleries. Exhibitions often feature strong elements of sculpture, painting and drawing.

To further amplify the other elements of our program, we strive to interject a high level of theatricality into our exhibitions and gallery events. Our opening receptions are true celebrations with food, drinks and live entertainment which are open to the general public. In addition to our exhibition opening receptions, we often host other events such as salons and artist talks, which provide the opportunity to create a real dialogue between the various constituents that comprise the art world and a greater level of intimacy between the gallery staff, collectors, artists, curators, critics, media figures and other art enthusiasts.

Bill Lowe Gallery also has particular expertise in assisting clients in both buying and selling secondary market, blue chip works. If our client is interested in acquiring an important work from, for example, the Modernist Period, we will research and recommend the works best suited for their collection, locate the specific works for sale, and negotiate a purchase on their behalf. Likewise, if a client owns a blue chip work which they want to sell, we can help them find a buyer and negotiate the final sale.


Can you assist in the acquisition of "blue chip" works?

By utilizing our extensive database and network of colleagues, we are able to locate and secure major works of art from private and public collections around the globe. Working on our client's behalf, we locate specified works, research their value and authenticity, and negotiate the terms of purchase. Alternatively, if a client owns a major work of art which they want to sell, we can assist in this process as well.

What other services do you provide?

Bill Lowe Gallery provides a complete array of value added services including transportation, on-site installation, framing, insurance, shipping and documentation. We also offer a full range of consulting services to both private and corporate clients. Whether locating a specific work by a specific artist, or assembling a museum quality collection based on personal tastes and budget, we are committed to repesenting our clients' interests as they build their collection.

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