Bartolomeo Gatto

Bartolomeo Gatto was born in Moio della Civitella, near Salerno (Italy), in 1938. In the 1960s he attended art classes at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, and eventually opened the art gallery “Il Cigno,” which became a meeting point for some contemporary intellectuals. His formation as a painter was enhanced by travels in Central Europe, which enabled him to get in touch with the artistic environment still influenced by German Expressionism. He met Salvador Dalì in Madrid and Giorgio de Chirico in Milan. At the end of the 1970s he visited Sardinia and was struck by the beauty of the island, which was to influence many of his future paintings. He has made himself known to the general public through many solo and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. Mainly colors and simple shapes express Gatto’s work. Rounded and solid figures on canvas are the main characters in his art pieces: they represent the stones of beloved Sardinia, the island where the artist has spent long periods of time and has created his personal style. Talking about Sardinia, Gatto says: “…every time I get back I find its best aspects. I don’t think anybody has ever understood what Sardinia means to me, what does a color or a stone represent to me.” Although stones recall an idea of hardness, the color that fills them up suggests the sweet feeling that has been linking Bartolomeo Gatto to this extraordinary land. Stones, even as objects made of raw material, are the reflection of the artist’s deepest and most intimate thoughts. Even if the subject used can seem repetitive, color shades evoke always something of new and unexpected. Colors of nature, sunrise or sunset are mixed to tell about the artist’s intimacy, in many different poetic ways. For his exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute, Bartolomeo Gatto shows about 20 artworks where blue is the main color. It is the first time that the artist has used this shade in such a total way. His early artworks were full of red, violet, turquoise and yellow. Right now Bartolomeo Gatto seems to want to bathe in a deep blue dimension: blue like the sea, like the sky and the natural shadows on the surface of stones. He wants to give to the viewer “a lesson in blue”.

Artist Bio

BORN | 1938 in Moio della Civitella, Salerno. 

EDUCATION | 1958 graduates from the Istituto d' Arte Superiore in Rome. 

Rossodisera, Galleria Lizard, Capri, Italy
Incontaminato, Premio Ischia, Naples, Italy

Qualcosa di rosso, Italian Cultural Institute, Stuttgart, Germany
Lesson in Blue, Italian Cultural Institute, New York, USA

Villa Comunale Buccino, Salerno, Italy
Il Cappello a tre punte (against the Iraq war), Complesso Monumentale di Santa Sofia, Salerno, Italy

Zodiac exhibition, Salone Fortunati, Salerno, Italy
Qualcosa di Rosso, Museo Archeologico Paestum, Salerno, Italy

Il filo di Arianna, Potenza, Italy
Parco delle Rimembranze Pellezzano, Salerno, Italy

Azione Arte, Chiesa SS Trinità, Vico Equense, Naples, Italy
Abbro il fiero, bronze sculpture, Cava de’ Tirreni, Salerno, Italy

Inseguendo la Pace, stone sculpture installation in Giardino degli Aranci, Giffoni, Salerno, Italy
Italian Cultural Institute, San Francisco, USA

Arte al Borgo, Maratea, Italy

Casina Pompeiana in Naples, Italy

Shape & Color, Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy
Installation in Piazza del Carmine, Salerno, Italy

Il Triangolo gallery in Cosenza, and De Lucarte gallery in Crotone, Italy

Il Mappamondo Gallery, Milan, Italy

Studio Arte 10 gallery in Potenza, Italy

Pietre Amanti, Sala del Grechetto, Biblioteca Comunale, Milan, Italy
Castello di Arechi, Salerno, Italy

Exhibition, Sala Carlo Cattaneo, Consolato Generale of Italy, Lugano, Switzerland

Sugarte Gallery, Milan, Italy

Palazzo Vescovile in Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy
Convento di San Paolo in Parma and Villa Rufolo in Ravello, Italy

Salone dei Marmi, Palazzo Barberini, Rome, Italy

Antichi Arsenali della Repubblica in Amalfi, Italy
Retrospective, Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, Italy

Pinacoteca and Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Macerata, Italy
Orsa Maggiore gallery in Ostia, Italy

Un sogno di pietra, Palazzo di Città, Salerno
Gallery L’Isola, Milan, Eboli and Porto Cervo, Italy

Gatto azzurro, Il Castello gallery in Milan, Italy

Dimensione G, Basel, Switzerland,  Rome, Milan – Italy and Düsserldorf - Germany

Société Industrielle in Molhouse, France

Exhibition in Munich, Oldenburg, and Nuremberg, Germany