reiner heidorn

"If you consider a frozen lake or clouds over the sea, no one has made these especially for you. I want to be that no one behind my paintings." | Reiner Heidorn

Artist Reiner Heidorn is a German Modern Expressionist who draws influence from artists like Martin Kippenberger, Dieter Roth and Hans Hartung. Reiner’s work often fuses more gestural techniques found in works by German Expressionists with stylized figures of young children, which echo Asian Manga. In some series Heidorn includes transparent foil over photographic images providing a far different texture than the matte surface seen in his other works. After years of showing more figurative work, Heidorn now has many more abstract pieces, which show his interest in movement and the buildup of paint.

artist statement

I paint in the same lineage as German Expressionist Martin Kippenberger, Dieter Roth and Hans Hartung. In many of my works I mix Asian Manga styles with expressionism. Other series include a transparent foil as well. After years of showing figurative paintings, I now have now created a series ofabstract works with space, too, called "Water Lilies & Aliens."

artist bio

BORN | 1966, Bavaria, Germany

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Curator for HOCHLAND/cultural project of Weilheim, Bavaria

Group Exhibition with Bernd Zimmer ”Geisenhofer,“ Weilheim

Studio Support Award, Government of Bavaria from 2008-2011