Argonauts: Separated Land | Opening Reception | October 10, 2014. Works by Fernando Gaspar. 

Bill Lowe Gallery presents Argonauts: Separated Land, an examination of human nature and the innate desire to belong, adapt and dominate our surroundings, in a one man show of paintings and sculpture by Portuguese artist Fernando Gaspar. The exhibition opens Friday, October 10th, from 6-9pm, at our Miami Circle Location. 

The works comprising this show explore the history of conquest and the genetic impulse which transform the collective into the phenomenon of territorial identity, concepts of space/ nation, belonging and bonding. Gaspar’s work analyzes man’s permanent usage of a complex network of languages and codes, electing colors, materials, graphics and objects that reinforce that marking, emphasizing the similarities and denouncing the differences, on a primary and uncontrollable appropriation on values and rights. 

Fernando Gaspar creates his work by exploring the stroke, the drawing and the color. It is a quest for the essential in an insistent, physical movement. He layers his materials in a continual progression, allowing the work to drift, return and never repeat. His subject matters are not always objects of empathy; nor should they be. The dominating “presence” as a counterpoint to the “absence” through domination is portrayed by the layering of charcoal and paint.