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Bill Lowe Gallery presents William Stoehr’s newest body of work, Resilience: In The Eyes, a celebration of life and longevity. The essence of Stoehr’s art is the examination of fundamental issues of our time - matters related to addiction, mental illness, aging, intolerance, discrimination, and violence, and their impact on humanity.

Stoehr’s large portraits begin with the eyes as the central focus of each piece, an ambiguous expression, a shared gaze - an uncertain context that allows one to become engaged with the narrative. He uses a limited palette of acrylic, metallic, and iridescent paints that he works freely - employing drips, brushes, scrubs and scrapes of the media, which he then overlays with inconsistent, gestural lines that facilitate an ever-changing perspective of the work. 

With cinematic poignancy, Stoehr continues his exploration of the dynamic between the viewer and the victims, survivors, and witnesses of these realities. His paintings confront the viewer’s soul center with that of the figures in the paintings, and force the audience to connect at a spiritual and emotional level with those who have struggled and overcome adversity. 

Dial's life is inseparable from history because he made it his business as an artist to be a historian. Dial lived history, then he represented it.” -  John Beardsley

Born in Emelle, Alabama in 1928, artistic giant Thornton Dial - who never learned to read or write - rose to the pinnacle of contemporary art history over a thirty year trajectory that began as he approached 60 years of age. He died in 2016 at the age of 87.  (Read More)


For almost three decades, Bill Lowe Gallery has served as a portal to global visual culture for art enthusiasts around the world. Our unique juxtaposition of style and substance is articulated in exhibitions that embrace universal and eternal considerations with great visual drama. This has earned the gallery recognition as a sanctuary for the cross-cultural intersection of beauty and meaning. 

The gallery's philosophical architecture is built upon a reverence for the alchemical nature of artistic expression. Our vision honors the profoundly spiritual nature of visual language and the role it can play in affecting paradigm shifts at both a personal and societal level. 

It is with this mandate that we have assembled a world-class stable of artists who intuitively have their fingers on the pulse of the Universe. Their expression is not an ironic or satirical look at the human condition. Instead, the gallery’s program presents powerful, content-driven works that utilize technical mastery and a visual eloquence to transform the human heart and soul at intimate levels. 

For our collectors, the gallery is an oasis of beauty. Of civility. Of contemplation. This is coupled with a dynamism informed by a world view rooted in the metaphysical aspects of history, anthropology, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and biology. Bill Lowe Gallery has a transformative impact that forever enlightens those who experience it.

Bill Lowe Gallery has become a cultural institution in the Southern United States. Our commitment is to reflect Atlanta's emergence as the world's new epicenter of art, science, and technology through a kinetic dialogue with artists and audiences across the globe.