Reprieve: The Gospel of Beauty | Sunday, December 3rd


Bill Lowe Gallery proudly presents Reprieve: The Gospel of Beauty, an exhibition of dramatic new paintings by Atlanta’s most beloved female artist, Maggie Hasbrouck. In her latest body of work, Hasbrouck returns to dramatic depictions of flowers – often single blooms – at the apex of their transformational beauty. The vibrancy and sensuality of these images is heightened by the artist’s recent incorporation of glass crystals into her technique. Hasbrouck melts these crystals over multiple layers of oil paint, dry pigment, and organic beeswax, resulting in a lustrous layer that enhances the mystery of the work. 
Throughout the course of her career, Maggie’s technical ingenuity and imaginative subject matter have helped her gain recognition from collectors and critics alike. Maggie Hasbrouck and Bill Lowe share a similar vision for art – that the works  strike a deep emotional chord within the viewer that lingers as a resonant and soulful presence long after initial viewing. Maggie’s paintings possess a deep emotionality that is achieved through a rich, dark picture plane illuminated by an enigmatic light source. The flowers seem to exist in a state of Grace, in-between reality and a dream-like state of transcendence.  

Maggie has been living and working as an artist in Atlanta for almost thirty years.   She began receiving major national acclaim in the early 1990s when her work was collected by celebrities including Elton John, John Mellencamp, Faith Hill, Jon Bon Jovi, and Courtney Cox, as well as a broad cross-section of collectors across the United States.  Her work is the epitome of the intersection of classical beauty and contemporary concept. To this day, Maggie Hasbrouck remains one of the best-collected female artists in the South and a growing force on the national stage.