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Biology and The Baroque

  • Bill Lowe Gallery 764 Miami Circle, Suite 210 Atlanta, GA 30324 (map)

Claire Begheyn’s sea shells, flowing across architectural antiquities, embrace the organic in every way. The beauty of these shells, constructed by the vulnerable creatures that created them as their home, is expressed in the progression of each piece. Balanced but not perfectly symmetrical, the works echo the harmony and eccentricity of nature’s display. Begheyn pairs this natural beauty with the ornate opulence of rococo styled wooden features that emulate nature with stylized leaves and organic shapes. The word “rococo” is, in fact, a blending of the Italian word for stone and the French word for shell. Begheyn does not shy away from the idea that her pieces are ornamental and decorative but trusts in the virtue of the shell itself and her deep intuition to evoke notions of home, protection, beauty and elegance. 

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