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Carnaval: A New Exuberance

  • Bill Lowe Gallery 764 Miami Circle, Suite 210 Atlanta, GA 30324 (map)

Archaeologists have discovered exquisite expressions of humanity’s connection to a higher consciousness dating back over 35,000 years. The Pacific Ocean harbors innumerable islands where relatively isolated cultures create ceremonial sculptures, carvings, and masks that connect their people to the natural and supernatural worlds. These concepts are displayed with pieces like the 15th century Head of Buddha and the Slit Gong drums from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. The Slit Gong Drums of Vanuatu are depictions of ancestors, spirits and deities whose “mouths” function as the sound piece of the instrument. There are usually two drummers striking the sculpture with sticks at different intervals along the opening creating a multitude of sounds. These Slit Gong Drums are truly talking gods, with human features.

Earlier Event: August 14
Ancestors: Origin & Return
Later Event: June 3
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