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Jimmy O'Neal: Adrift Within A Long Loving Look
to Jun 16

Jimmy O'Neal: Adrift Within A Long Loving Look

Bill Lowe Gallery presents artistic impresario Jimmy O’Neal in a stunning new exhibition titled, Adrift Within A Long Loving Look.  This show continues his two-decade-long exploration/expansion of the physical and metaphorical capabilities of paint as a medium. 

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 3rd, 6:00 - 9:00 pm


This cinematic body of work is composed of his signature mirrored paintings, taken to yet another level of surface complexity and opulence.  Jimmy utilizes his technological innovation of “mirrored paint” – or “pigmentless paint” – to interpret the reality of the in-between, the space in which we exist during the shift of paradigms.  Using the experience of a hot air balloon ride as the conceptual starting point, Jimmy’s work reflects the experience of a gradual movement - or transcendence - into a state of weightlessness, untethered by static landscape, or boundaries of traditional time and space.  We are suspended in this reality, looking into and back at ourselves as we drift amidst a constant flow of information and data.

 Capitalizing upon rigorous classical training that includes a mastery of draftsmanship, O’Neal creates visual experiences that facilitate a dialogue between a viewer’s emotional interior and universal impulses – or emanations – that forge what’s beneath the surface of our awareness.  He sees this realm as one of visual poetry, harmonic in nature, composed of frequencies that surround and interact with our senses; this is the multi-dimensional Universe and our journey becomes a memory of material form – of matter.  As we are carried into higher octaves – as the journey becomes accelerated, or slows – this non-existence is a spiritual contemplation, a rumination on the current state of cultural consciousness.


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Herb Creecy: A Legend Rediscovered
to May 19

Herb Creecy: A Legend Rediscovered

Bill Lowe Gallery proudly announces our exclusive representation of the Estate of Herbert Creecy (1939-2003). Heralded as the most significant Abstract Expressionist painter ever to come from the South, Creecy’s work can be found in the permanent collections of several museums, as well as in a vast array of blue-chip corporate and private collections. His experimentation in new methods of painting allowed his works to transcend time and push traditional spatial boundaries. A carefully curated collection of Herbert Creecy’s never-before-seen paintings at Bill Lowe Gallery shines a new light on this historic artist.

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 1st, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

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