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What Sets Bill Lowe Gallery apart?
We represent a stable of artists which can be described as classically inspired and romantic, while at the same time unquestionably contemporary. The work is highly expressionistic and explores themes that are universal and eternal. Our collectors value Bill Lowe's particular brand of aestheticism and take comfort that it is not influenced by the "flavor of the day." 

To further amplify the other elements of our program, we strive to interject a high level of theatricality into our exhibitions and gallery events. Our opening receptions are true celebrations with food and beverages, open to the general public. In addition to our opening receptions, we often host other events such as salons and artist talks, which provide the opportunity to create a real dialogue between the various constituents that comprise the art world and a greater level of intimacy between the gallery staff, collectors, artists, curators, critics, media figures and other art enthusiasts.