Corners of Our Mind: Shay Kun, Rochard Heinsohn and Bassmi Ibrahim | Opening Reception | September 12, 2014


Bill Lowe Gallery presents Corners of Our Mind, a cross-cultural examination of memory with a three-person exhibition of paintings by Israeli painter Shay Kun, Egyptian-American painter Bassmi Ibrahim and Spanish-American painter, Richard Heinsohn. The exhibition opens Friday, September 12th, from 6 – 9 PM, at our new Miami Circle location.

The various works comprising this show delve into the multiplicity of visual languages that can be employed by artists to nudge the viewer into a recognition of their own undiscovered dimensions. Each of the artists taps into a piece of our subconscious and encourages self-reflection and introspection without the expectation of definitive answers.

Shay Kun combines photo-realism and abstraction in his oil paintings to create seductive, nostalgic glimpses into the complex way in which we record and recall experiences. The paintings demonstrate a technical mastery and offer a cinematic seduction into the theatre of our minds. Richard Heinsohn’s dense, lush application of acrylic gel medium, coupled with a kaleidoscopic use of color, creates topographies that become lunar-like – complete with craters and undulating surfaces. His stated intention is to prod the viewer into a cellular recollection of our primordial emotional history while imbuing the viewer with an almost ecstatic embrace of the life-force unleashed in the creative process in each of us, and our world. Bassmi Ibrahim invokes the etheric realm in his graceful, sensual abstract expressions that explore the depths of human consciousness. His masterful use of veils of color and sweeping, flowing compositions arouse an immediate association with spiritual dimensions as they attempt to document the “Isness of being”.