No Borders: Another Page | Friday, October 20th 


Bill Lowe Gallery presents "NO BORDERS: Another Page", an examination of our universal psyche yearning for integrative cultural dialogue in a new age. This exhibition celebrates the North American debut of Mozambican artist Ilidio Condja Candja and Portuguese artist Mario Henrique, along with others from the international Bill Lowe Gallery stable. Each artist uniquely approaches the canvas with a sense of emotion, dynamism, and vibrancy influenced by their heritage and cultural surroundings.

In his paintings, Mozambican-born artist Ilidio Candja Candja draws the audience into a personal exploration of his playful and dynamic energy. Executed in a style resonant with Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting, his works are characterized by spontaneous and confident brush strokes. Inspired by his heritage, the riot of colors, personal symbols and African textile prints all serve to infuse his canvases with both a psychological and visual vibrancy.

These painted collages by Candja are a compelling combination of cultural reflection and personal symbology. From abstracted backgrounds arise restless figures that belong to the artist’s own constructed mythology. Impulsive and aggressive gestures that reference Action Painting come together to create blurred ghosts, demonic entities, arachnids, and skeletons. An enigmatic tension arises in the work with the layering of more subtle geometrical and mathematical objects, photographs, and decorative elements taken from traditional African art and textiles. Candja Candja’s art is a contemplation on the African culture combined with a pursuit of exploring his own restless spirit.