La Splendeur Des Trois Reines | Opening Reception | December 4, 2014 | Works by Brenda Rehrig, Barbara Brenner and Karen Schwartz.

Bill Lowe Gallery presents La Splendeur Des Trois Reines (The Splendor of the Three Queens), an exploration of the wonders and intricacies of human nature; the natural, psychological and unconscious journey of the human experience, in a three person show of paintings and encaustic works by American artists Brenda Rehrig, Barbara Brenner and Karen Schwartz. The exhibition opens Thursday December 4th, from 6-9pm, at our Miami Circle Location. 

The works comprising this show delve into the truth and unexplainable elements of human life through an array of mediums. In each work, these artists transcend our comprehension of the psychological, instinctual and subconscious regions of the human experience. The title of this show “La Splendeur Des Trois Reines” means “the splendor of the three queens” in French. It relates to each artist’s exquisite mastery of their craft. Barbara Brenner uses the encaustic process to layer wax in such a way that is uniquely her own. She suspends subtle details in the wax through a careful pouring process that she has perfected. Karen Schwartz uses paint on canvas to capture a moment and mood like no one else. Her use of color and gestural strokes create an atmosphere of pure emotion. Brenda Rehrig takes the encaustic process to new levels. She not only works with wax but allows it to build in a process called “encretion”. Her mastery of texture and dimension sets her apart.