Pierre-Yves Le Duc: Sacred Portal | Opening Reception | March 30, 2012


Sacred Portal, Pierre-Yves le Duc’s latest installation, is very much unlike his previous works. There, the erotic symbol contrasted remarkably with the background. Here instead a linen veil and a thorough preparation of the basic white color give a milky appearance to the surface of the canvases. As Genet used to write when referring to Giacometti’s sketches, lines seem to exist only to give form and thickness to the white hues… What is full is not the line, but the white color. What was absent and invisible is now manifest and sends back incessantly to the visible, with a double movement of contraction-expansion, sky-earth, spirit-matter.

What le Duc portrays is not a woman per se but the female principle that dwells in all of us, that facet of our nature that tends to take root in the biological realm and to become instinct. In the initiation ritual of the Mahavrata an ascetic copulates with a prostitute who embodies his own image of the feminine in the daemonic aspect. Precisely in the same fashion, the artist faces the carnality of the object painted and its dual nature, where risk and viability coexist. The receptiveness the female sexual organ symbolizes seems to have no limit in the man of the third millennium. Endlessly wishing to gratify his instincts more than to meet his real needs, he is risking his own spiritual death, the dissolution in the liquid voluptuousness of contemporary imagination.