Reiner Heidorn: A Comprehensive Survey
Opening Reception | April 12th 2017

“I feel like a ghost rushing through this dimension.” | Reiner Heidorn

German-born Reiner Heidorn is an autodidact (self-taught) artist who excels in many creative disciplines.  Foremost among these is his mastery of painting, in which his powerful application of paint is coupled with deeply psycho-emotional themes that tie him to the traditions of the German Expressionists.  Heidorn is, in fact, influenced by fellow German artists: Martin Kippenberger, Dieter Roth and Hans Hartung. 

 For Heidorn’s North American debut, Bill Lowe Gallery presents a comprehensive survey of selected works from Heidorn’s extensive series of monumental paintings.  This selection includes figurative work, some of which echo chords from European art history, while other pieces fuse gestural techniques with stylized figures that allude to Asian Manga.  Heidorn’s abstract pieces are an exploration of the discontent he feels with the hurry and illusion that pervades contemporary life.