Resilience: in the eyes


Opening Reception
wednesday, july 11, 2018
6:00 - 9:00 pm

Featuring William Stoehr

Bill Lowe Gallery presents William Stoehr's newest body of work, RESILIENCE: In The Eyes, a celebration of life and longevity. The essence of Stoehr's art is the examination of fundamental issuses of our time - matters related to addiction, mental illness, aging, intolerance, discrimination, and violence, and their impact on humanity.  

Stoehr's large portraits begin with the eyes as the central focus of each piece, an ambiguous expression, a shared gaze - an uncertain context that allows one to become engaged with the narrative. He uses a limited palette of acrylic, metallic, and iridescent paints that he works freely - employing drips, brushes, scrubs and scrapes of the media, which he then overlays with inconsistent, gestural lines that facilitate an ever-changing perspective of the work. 

With cinematic poignancy, Stoehr continues his exploration of the dynamic between the viewer and the victims, survivors, and witnesses of these realities. His paintings confront the viewer's soul canter with that of the figures in the paintings, and force the audience to connect at a spiritual and emotional level with those who have struggled and overcome adversity.