Separated Land: Argatha by Fernando Gaspar
Opening Reception | November 8th 2016

Bill Lowe Gallery presents Separated Land: Agartha, the latest of a series of exhibitions shown in both Atlanta and Lisbon by Fernando Gaspar. In this third iteration of the Separated Land series, Agartha, the legendary civilization said to exist at the Earth’s core, becomes the analogy for the austere manner in which we contain our innermost anxieties, strife and turbulence. In these paintings, Gaspar’s journey has grown introspective, revealing light through sudden veils, protected and revealed by rigorous lines, like boundaries. 

Renowned Atlanta-based artist, Maggie Hasbrouck has returned to themes that have captivated her audience for decades. The yearning for flight. The mysterious, sensual beauty of flowers at the apex of their decadency. The ephemeral place between dream and memory where ours souls transcend the ordinary.