In honor of our 26th Anniversary, Bill Lowe Gallery presents Ancestors: Origin & Return, a curatorial tour de force which features a rich multi-cultural and multi-media juxtaposition of significant ethnographic antiquities with powerful contemporary works of art. Our goal with this exhibition is to pictorially underscore a coherent narrative woven here over the past quarter century.

The essence of our worldview is rooted in the belief that any truly historic work of
art - from any culture, indigenous or other, and from any time in history, and regardless of media - must articulate the eternal and the universal. The materiality of the work, and the technical devices employed by the artists who create it, must serve the artist’s vision with eloquence and precision. It is our hope that this show will move the hearts, minds and souls of our audience to unprecedented dimensions.

Archaeologists have discovered exquisite expressions of humanity’s connection to a higher consciousness dating back over 35,000 years. The Pacific Ocean harbors innumerable islands where relatively isolated cultures create ceremonial sculptures, carvings, and masks that connect their people to the natural and supernatural worlds.

These concepts are displayed with pieces like the 15th century Head of Buddha and the Slit Gong drums from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. The Slit Gong Drums of Vanuatu are depictions of ancestors, spirits and deities whose “mouths” function as the sound piece of the instrument. There are usually two drummers striking the sculpture with sticks at different intervals along the opening creating a multitude of sounds. These Slit Gong Drums are truly talking gods, with human features.

Bill Lowe – August, 2016



The philosophical architecture of Bill Lowe Gallery is built upon a reverence for the alchemical nature of artistic expression. Our vision honors the profoundly spiritual nature of visual language and the role it can play in affecting paradigm shifts at both a personal and societal level.

It is with this recognition that we have assembled a world-class stable of artists who intuitively have their fingers on the pulse of the Universe. Their expression is not an ironic or satirical look at the human condition. Instead, the gallery’s program presents powerful, content-driven works that utilize technical mastery and a visual eloquence to transform the human heart and soul at intimate levels.

For our collectors, the gallery is an oasis of beauty. Of civility. Of contemplation. This is coupled with a dynamism informed by a world view rooted in metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology and biology. Bill Lowe Gallery is a transformative experience that forever enlightens those who experience it. The gallery facilitates interaction between a broad cross-section of our community with an exotic array of artistic voices and languages to amplify and expand an unfolding cultural conversation.

Bill Lowe Gallery has become an institution in our region. We are widely considered the pre-eminent contemporary art gallery in the Southern United States. Our long presence in Los Angeles has fueled a kinetic dialogue between the East and West coasts. We approach the next decade of our mandate with clarity, commitment and excitement.

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