The Bamana are one of the most studied groups of West Africa. They say that they are of Mandinke origin and have tightly interwoven themselves with their neighbors through marriage, commercial trade, political alliances and religion. The triangle of the Bamana region, divided in two parts by the Niger River, constitutes the greater part of western and southern Mali of today.

The Bamana have a very complex cosmology and believe in spiritual forces which are activated by individuals who are capable of creating an atmosphere of harmony, prosperity and well-being. The Boli is foremost among their iconic forms thought to channel energetic forces. Boli have become widely known in the West although ironically they are considered to be secret objects. They are used by the Bamana secret initiation associations and harbor huge quantities of energy (nyama) that can be activated by the association priests and members to help accomplish goals.

Many boli seem to depict animals such as hippopotami or cows, and some are shaped like human beings. Sometimes, however, it is impossible to suggest what they might be. This fits with the Mande principle that very powerful things are opaque to general human understanding, and only the initiated will understand them. For others, the lack of understanding is ominous, and the murky ambiguity articulated in the shapes serves as a warning to stay away or risk great personal danger. Only skilled professionals are capable of engaging the powers contained in these instruments. Some Mande feel they are devices to be used for the good of associations members and the community.


South Korean artist Jung Kwang Sik is internationally recognized for his masterful fusion of painting and sculpture. Utilizing beds of carved and scratched granite, which he then paints, his works suggest sweeping landscapes viewed from an aerial perspective. These poetic works have an uneven surface; they are sculpture in relief. His grinding work has a limitation in direction and usually achieves patterns of hexagons. The addition of paint to the crowns of these hexagons lends an architectural element to the piece, emblematic of cities, villages and roads.




Bill Lowe Gallery is an ultra-world of beauty and contemplation. We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with a move to a spectacular new location at 764 Miami Circle, in the heart of Atlanta’s thriving arts and design district. This 10,000-square-foot facility affords the gallery immense flexibility in exhibitions and a more user-friendly and accessible environment. While this space is being completed, we are setting up an annex location – also at 764 Miami Circle - in the former Fay Gold Gallery location in Suite 210. We have done an extensive modification of that space so the experience for our collector constituency will remain optimal.

The philosophical architecture of Bill Lowe Gallery is built upon a reverence for the alchemical nature of artistic expression. Our vision honors the profoundly spiritual nature of visual language and the role it can play in affecting paradigm shifts at both a personal and societal level.

It is with this recognition that we have assembled a world-class stable of artists who intuitively have their fingers on the pulse of the Universe. Their expression is not an ironic or satirical look at the human condition. Instead, the gallery’s program presents powerful, content-driven works that utilize technical mastery and a visual eloquence to transform the human heart and soul at intimate levels.

For our collectors, the gallery is an oasis.... . of civility. Of reflection and introspection. This is coupled with a dynamism informed by a world view rooted in metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology and biology. Bill Lowe Gallery is a transformative experience that forever enlightens those who experience it. The gallery facilitates interaction between a broad cross-section of our community with an exotic array of artistic voices and languages to amplify and expand an unfolding cultural conversation.

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