The American philosopher Henry David Thoreau said:

"We should treat our minds as innocent and ingenious children whose guardians we are - be careful what objects and what subjects we thrust on their attention."

There in an alchemy in the Art of Pierre Marie Brisson that creates a mood of weathered beauty and elegant decay through the creation and the destruction of his surfaces. Their visual presence evokes memories as surely as those reawakened by a scent or sound. Brisson’s art is very chic and new, yet timeworn and antique. It is avant-garde and ingenious, yet linked visually and spiritually to primitive sensibilities. Finally, it is skillfully crafted with the best materials, yet part of his success rests with our sensé that his works are fashioned from the ugly, discarded fragments of our disposable civilization, rescued and revitalized by the hand of an artist. Picasso could have been speaking of Brisson when he said "I want to get to the stage where nobody can tell how a picture of mine is done."

What’s the point of that ? Simply that I want nothing but émotion given off by it. » Pierre Marie Brisson creates an art that invites, no, demands repeated viewing over time. His paintings, drawings and prints, like the best of poetry, cinéma and fine art, ask more questions that they answer.

» Robert Flynn Johnson, curator in charge Achenbach Foundation for graphic arts fine arts museums of San Francisco.


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