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Steven Seinberg | Only The Light On The Sea

In his newest body of work - Only the Light on the Sea – Steven Seinberg advances an almost three-decade long exploration of the forces of the nature and their cellular connection to our psychic equilibrium.  Steve’s creative rudder has steadily guided him to maintain a highly recognizable visual language characterized by clarity of vision and technical mastery.

Critics, curators and collectors often comment that Seinberg’s paintings seem inspired by Cy Twombly or Spanish artist Antoni Tapies, as well as other artistic giants whose work also investigates mankind’s relationship to the organic universe.  While Steve acknowledges ancestral philosophical connections to the impulses that inform their oeuvres, there is a powerful distinction between Seinberg’s lighter, more expressive and poetic vocabulary and the work these important painters created.  Steve seemed to have found “his voice” at the inception of his career and, while expanding it and mining it,  has never lost sight of it.

He rose to prominence in the early 1990’s amidst a regional artistic explosion that captured the imagination of collectors across the South, and far beyond.  His first exhibition with my gallery was in 1993.  And what a debut it was. Prior to being met with a rousing embrace by Atlantans on opening night,  his entire body of work had been bought out the night before by the premier luxury retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue. At that time, Saks had just begun a nationwide initiative to elevate their signature stores with exceptional unique works of art. Their passion for Steve’s work earned it prominent placement in their stores from New York, Chicago and San Francisco to Beverly Hills, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Palm Beach.

This was only the beginning. We next introduced Seinberg to West Coast collectors with a huge one-man-show in our Santa Monica (Los Angeles) gallery. The work received an equally enthusiastic reaction and was catapulted into broader national recognition that resulted in representation in galleries across the nation. It was a succession of one beautifully executed show after another, consisting of dramatic, yet meditative, canvases coupled with exquisite, delicately rendered drawings/collages on paper that attracted an almost endless number of art enthusiasts to Steve’s artistic practice. His embrace of themes that are eternal and universal in nature struck a chord with established and emerging collectors. Steve is now firmly entrenched among America’s greatest mid-career artists. 

I often describe Steve’s work as visual poetry;  it does in fact contain beautiful lines from the extravagantly romantic poems of Mexican poet, Octavio Paz, embedded into the surface.  These speak of longing.  Paz deftly places his finger on the pulse of romantic love,  immersing the reader in an intoxicating stupor that has swept many a couple into states of rapture that become the driving force for regeneration of our species.  Seinberg sees an exquisite echo of this magnetic yearning - its compelling and unyielding desire to reproduce life - in the biologic world – in earth, water, air, plants and animals.  Life pulsates all around us; its incessant rhythms create a grand, symphonic overture between forces from above (rain, mist, fog) and those that percolate on the ground, or under the ground - in the soil – seeds, leaves, blooms, erupting into new life as sap oozes out and drenches the earth.  Here we have the ingredients from which Seinberg concocts his seductive art.

Seinberg encapsulates this epic drama in transcendent works that are at once operatic and tranquil.  Their muted palettes are achieved by excruciating and precise additive and subtractive devices that leave only “glimpses” into what was, and then what emerged from that.  These paintings and works on paper convey the unbearable lightness of being – of ebbs and flows that bring us warmth and light, as well as cool, and the mysteries of the dark.  His work oxygenates the soul and reawakens in the viewer a sense of awe at the immutable power of the organic universe, even as it reflects upon the most delicate nuances of its majesty.  This series is the latest iteration of a journey that Steve Seinberg seems to have “beamed in”  to document and share with us and the generations that will follow.   

-Bill Lowe (Spring, 2019)



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